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ABOUT, a leader in the flood industry, partnered with Fenex to create the newest advancement in flood protection—floodproof windows. Fenex was the ideal partner for the development of these state-of-the-art floodproofing systems as they have consistently pushed the boundaries of glass with oversize and curved window systems. Dry floodproofing systems need to be designed to withstand the rigorous testing for load and impact requirements, and as development moved forward, this challenge highlighted the need for an experienced team to advance the design. The addition of DOP Engineering brought years of knowledge and experience to the partnership, helping these innovative companies move forward and begin testing the first ANSI/FM 2510 approved floodproof window system. 



We specialize in developing standardized and customized glass flood and hurricane mitigation systems for hospitality, government, or commercial buildings near any water or flood source.


We assemble standard and custom pre-glazed systems that fulfill the most audacious engineering and architectural requirements.

* Quality assured by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).


Our highly trained staff comprised of engineers and CFM’s oversees project management and provides technical collaboration to ensure compliance with project specifics and applicable building codes.

col·lab·o·ra·tion, noun, 1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Brian Johnson, CFM


FLOODPROOFING.COM is built upon the legacy and expertise gained from the development of Smart Vent Products, which has propelled the company into an industry leader. A team of Certified Floodplain Managers and Flood Mitigation Specialists provide a portfolio of innovative dry and wet floodproofing systems., while working with architects and engineers, can truly provide a “turn-key” experience by designing a product matrix to protect buildings, supplying all products and systems, and even handling the installation.

Brian Johnson, CFM 2.jpg

Brian has an extensive floodproofing background that is essential as he leads the company forward in this emerging market. He oversees both our national & international sales programs to ensure a seamless client interaction from early design to finished product delivery. Brian is also a Certified Floodplain Manager by the ASFPM and an educator for Architects, Engineered, Developers, Property managers, and Building Code Officials. 


FENEX provides custom flood windows and walls, as well as oversized architectural windows and skylights. Though flood windows and flood walls are staple product offerings, FENEX fabricates a variety of rated oversized windows and skylights. Its windows and skylights can be designed to fit any size, shape or project while being impact-rated to provide unmatched safety and security.


Stephane has 35 years of experience as a General Contractor. He brings fabrication and field experience to the team with more than 20 years of experience in windows and miscellaneous metal fabrication. Stephane also oversees research and development of new products and testing, sales and marketing.

Stephane Theriault



Juan is a structural designer and focuses on developing innovative flood mitigation solutions and systems. He directs the project management and client technical assistance aspects to create streamlined processes that guarantee the highest standards of quality and service. Juan is determined to continue innovating flood mitigation solutions that can meet the demands of the market today and tomorrow.

Juan Manuel Posada



DOP Engineering (DOP) was founded and established in Fort Lauderdale, FL by a team of professionals that have provided engineering services starting from 2012. A diverse team, weathered by the challenges of multiple engineering disciplines, and polished by the mentors that have provided their wisdom upon them. The team at DOP has structural engineering experience ranges from single unit single family structures to delegate engineer-ing designs like Glass and Glazing and Aluminum Design.


Luis is a dedicated and focused Professional Engineer, complimented with a desire for success, and growth. He offers leadership and the contribution of knowledge in the industry which produces the energy for others to succeed around him. Luis has the ability to identify and solve problems with ease and precision is why his achievements and success have materialized into a foundation of future growth and development.

Luis Alejandro Ortega Fernández, P.E.


Head Shot.jpg

Gordon is a determined and driven Professional Engineer with focused confidence and commitment to the Construction Engineering field. His aspirations to excel are complimented with leadership skills, uncompromised work ethic & dedication to the team. Gordon has passion for excellence that fosters the ability to independently evaluate and implement engineering standards to meet project expectations within budget, and on time.

Gordon DiBattisto, P.E.



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