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ABOUT, a leader in the flood industry, partnered with Fenex to create the newest advancement in flood protection—floodproof windows. Fenex was the ideal partner for the development of these state-of-the-art floodproofing systems as they have consistently pushed the boundaries of glass with oversize and curved window systems. Dry floodproofing systems need to be designed to withstand the rigorous testing for load and impact requirements, and as development moved forward, this challenge highlighted the need for an experienced team to advance the design. The addition of DOP Engineering brought years of knowledge and experience to the partnership, helping these innovative companies move forward and begin testing the first ANSI/FM 2510 approved floodproof window system. 



We specialize in developing standardized and customized glass flood and hurricane mitigation systems for hospitality, government, or commercial buildings near any water or flood source.


We assemble standard and custom pre-glazed systems that fulfill the most audacious engineering and architectural requirements.

* Quality assured by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI).


Our highly trained staff comprised of engineers and CFM’s oversees project management and provides technical collaboration to ensure compliance with project specifics and applicable building codes.

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